I can’t be the only one..

On April 4th, 2017, 2 days ago… I was at the trampoline park here in Roanoke Rapids with my son, for his fifth birthday. I fell down on my right leg dislocating my knee, significantly injuring it. It’s painful, it’s swollen, it’s a burden (bandage and nonweight baring… cructches.. the whole nine yards.) However, the physical discomfort is nothing in comparison to the mental struggle and utter disspointment I’ve experience whilst trying to acquire the help I need to have the injury corrected. I don’t have insurance, but why would I? Working three “part-time” jobs it just makes more sense to pay out of pocket. It’s cheaper and more efficient… MOST OF THE TIME. 

Now, working three jobs, you can imagine I pay quiet a bit of money into our wonderful health care system as I pay taxes. But… when I need the system, when I need to rely on the system that I pay into with every check, they’re telling me they “have no options for someone with my income.” I’m sorry, what?!?! I can’t be the only one shunned by the inner-workings of our corrupted system. Someone tell me I’m not alone. Someone tell me that I’ve simply overlook a viable option for these curcumstances. Am I crazy or does our goverment promote disability and dependency? Answers… anyone… somebody…


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