Like a banana peel

An open letter to my soul mate on a day he THINKS doesn’t matter…

38 years ago today, a man was born. I wasn’t even thought of yet… so the idea that a day as such should mean anything to me may seem a little irrational. If you were to ask him, he promptly respond with “It’s just another day.” I’m here to tell you, and him, it’s not.



38 years ago, today, you were born. A bustling little baby boy. To have been a fly on the wall…. to watch you grow and learn, I can only ever imagine. To hold your hand when you were a confused little kid or to hug you when you felt lost. What I’d give to be able to have guided you through the tough stuff and watched with joyful tears through all the good. To have sat on your shoulder and to have been a little voice in your ear every time you felt alone. To have met you sooner. To have known years ago that you existed. That’s why today means so much. For all the years I missed. For the moments that made you, you.

You are hands down, without a doubt, the best PERSON I know.

There aren’t many people in this world that can get along with anyone. You are one of the rare exceptions. While I sometimes struggle to find a common ground with certain people, you never do. You are rarely quick to judge. You take everyone at face for who they are and as you would have them embrace your weirdness, you embrace theirs. As your dad tells it, you’ve always been this way. Defending the kids that didn’t quite fit in and being willing to look past the the flaws of kids who made them feel that way. You encourage me to open up and to let people in, literally every day. I’ve made friends and met people I would’ve never even approached, because of you.

You never hold a grudge. You’re so quick to forgive and even quicker to admit when you’ve done wrong and need forgiveness. Your humbleness humbles me.

You’re a leader but so willing to learn. This is one of the many reasons you’re so good at patenting Bryson. You are someone he can look up to! And he does. And I proudly encourage him to. You’re just a kid at heart and that’s what makes you so lovable. You don’t take yourself or anything else for that matter, too seriously. We love you for that!

When you speak, people listen, but even so you know when to just listen yourself. You are a thinker and you are very wise. You take time to process things and think before you speak. We met as colleagues but so quickly became friends. I was so intrigued by your tales, I’d sit and listen for hours. It wasn’t just in what you’d done and where you’d been but in how you talk of other people and their experiences. It was as though you didn’t know a stranger. I remember thinking on so many occasions, “he is such a man…” like a genuine, debonair gentleman… what I’d only dreamed existed. From the first time I met you, I knew there was definitely something that set you apart from other guys. You intrigued me. I don’t know if it was your quiet and cool attitude and the mysteriousness that went along with it, or your quick wit. Either way, I was drawn to you. I quickly noticed how incredibly loyal you are to everyone you love and care for and that was one of the most attractive things I first discovered about you. You have brought a sense of stability to my life that I’d always dreamed of that has made me feel safe enough to reach for my dreams. I fell in love with you sitting a table, listening to stories. You were my friend first. And because of that you still are my very best friend.

Even though I met you at a young 23, our love story isn’t that of a teenager; hot an heavy and full of emotion. Our love story is the kind that makes you warm in your belly, and lasts a lifetime. A confident love. A love that deepens with each passing year. The best kind of love, I think.

Today is your day and I can think of no other day in time that I am more grateful for than the day you were born. You have changed me, my life, given me true happiness, a gift beyond any I could ever give you.

With love today and always,

Trinity ❤


13 thoughts on “An open letter to my soul mate on a day he THINKS doesn’t matter…

    • D’aw! Thank you. But wait… You remember thinking? Mean you no longer think? Please don’t tell me it wears off. Just let me live in blissful ignorance, imagining I’ll forever see this strong, thoughtful man before me 🙂


      • You’re welcome! I love reading posts that not only expand my knowledge but also those which I can relate to xxx


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