Mind over Matter


The smell of cedar imprisoned his senses and his temples ached. As he inhaled he found the air thick and suffocating. He closed his eyes, reopening them with strain and peering into the darkness. That’s all there was, darkness. He blinked and opened them again with even more force. A few slits of light coming from above him pointed in on his crunched figure.

What happened? He’s inside of something, of course he is.

He flailed his free arm out around him slamming his left knuckles against the hard walls. What is that? Wood? Realizing then that his right arm was numbed beneath his body, he strained to release it and cringed as he felt splinters piercing the surface of his skin.

He palates the space he can reach. A crack? Crevice? Small hole? He can’t find it. How much time does he have? His eyes watered and he let out a whale. The high-pitched, throaty sound of his cry, startled him.

His attempt to straightened his legs brought to his attention that his legs, which were bent at the knee, felt frozen and absent from the calf down. He rotated his ankle and took a deep breath realizing he could still maintained sensation to his toes.

He pressed his knee against what he had become certain at this point was some sort of wooden confinement. Was he in a casket? A crate? Why? The pressure on his knees sent a shock up his spine. Blood was rushing to his head. With a pungent release his legs collapsed out before him and the balls of his feet slammed against the box.

“Ugh,” a sharp pain in his abdomen jerked his attention. He grasp himself with his left forearm, hugging the discomfort. Wet? He touched his fingertips to the pain. Blood? Is that blood? He looked down to find the outline of his hand masked by darkness. It must be blood.

Squinting he could still make out the streams of light penetrating the enclosure through the slit shadowed by his eyelids. He wasn’t underground. His airway felt meek as he tried to convince himself to take deeper, slower breaths. His heart was beating in his head, loud and domineering. How long has it been?

He felt his heartbeat as it began to slow in his chest. Reaching upward searching for anything; a clutch or hinge. Nothing. His arm falls atop him, paralyzed with exhaustion. He blinked repeatedly but felt himself fading. Inhale….. exhale….. inhale…. exhale….

His heart thumps – sluggish, heavy, and then silent. There’s no smell. There’s no light. There’s no noise. He swallowed and his jaw released on itself.


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