Mom-ing or bombing

Because of you…

2016-06-07 21.53.41

“I didn’t give you the gift of life…. life gave me the gift of you.”

Because of you… I’ve spent less time worrying, because what busy mommy has time for trivial worries. I’ve spent less time cleaning… even when I feel like the clutter is swallowing us whole. I’ve spent less time sitting… even when I’ve work all day and that couch is calling my name. I’ve ran til I couldn’t run anymore. You have made me laugh til I was crying and cry til all I could do was laugh. You’ve  pushed buttons I didn’t know existed. You’ve  said mommy more time than I can count. I’ve had my hands in sand and mud and water and muck. I’ve picked up more bugs than I’d like to admit. We’ve indulged in ice cream and jumped on beds. We’ve played games that come in a box and games with rules we invented along the way. We’ve read almost every book you has. We’ve sweat, we’ve sang, we’ve dance, and we’ve swung. While the days are short and time is steadily flying by…YOU have taught ME that every minute matters… and because of you, we make the most of them all.


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